Department of Technology

Engineering disciplines have come a long way in developing countries, to the level that we can now see in our own surroundings. At first, Civil, Mechanical & Electrical engineering were the main technologies being offered in all engineering setups. As development progressed, technology changed and services had to be provided to a growing population, new and more productive methods became the need of the time. Innovation and new ideas became research models. This brought in specializations which needed more productive machines & methods. In order to achieve these objectives, new technologies were introduced to cope with new demand pattern. The BS - Tech programme is an off shoot of General Engineering in Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, and is geared toward production and catering for the needs of talented engineers.
The intention is to contribute toward better production of quality goods in a competitive market. The design of these courses is more oriented towards learning skills. It has a built in mechanism to promote better & high quality products. Our courses are blends of general subjects like English, Maths, Applied Physics etc, which help students gradually enter different engineering disciplines.

Courses Offered