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University Institute of Physical Therapy (UIPT)

Physical therapy is an essential segment of modern health care system. It is a science of healing and art of caring. It pertains to the clinical examination, evaluation, assessment, diagnosis and treatment of so many disorders including Musculoskeletal, Neurological, Pediatrics, Women’s health, Integumentary, Geriatrics, Cardio-Vascular, Respiratory systems’functional disorders including symptoms of pain, edema, and physiological, structural and psychosomatic ailments. It deals with methods of treatment based on movement, manual therapy, physical agents, and therapeutics modalities to relieve the pain and other complications. Hence, Physical therapy covers basic parameters of healing sciences i.e. preventive, promotive, diagnostic, rehabilitative, and curative.

University Institute of Physical Therapy (UIPT) is a newly established department under the umbrella of Faculty of Allied Health Sciences (FAHS). The date of birth of this department is 1st September, 2012. The launching milestone achieved by this department was the accommodation of so many migration students from other known universities. So it started its journey from four semesters and five classes with senior most batch of 4th semester. The total number of students of this department is 300. The total permanent faculty of this department consists of 18 people along with 7 Local & International visiting faculty so far. Just after start of three months, two new postgraduate programs consisting of M.Phil (Physical Therapy-Musculoskeletal) and PhD in Physical Therapy under the supervision of international supervisors also launched by this department. Future programs include MS and M.Phil programs in other specialties of Physical Therapy In-sha-Allah.

Programs Offered