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Social Responsibility 

Environment Day

The University of Lahore UOL Gujrat Campus has always been at the forefront in discharging various social and moral obligations,In pursuit of the social obligation The UOL Gujrat Campus participated in a walk on Environment day initiated by District Government Gujrat, Ministry of Health, in collaboration with Gujrat Chamber of Commerce, to spread awareness about the significance of pure,clean and healthy environment.Gujrat campus displayed fabulcus enthusiasm onJune5,2015.All the students,Faculty members and Staff participated in the walkvibrantly.Mr. Muazzam Hussain faculty member from UOL Gujrat Campusdelivered a motivational speak at Gujrat Chamber of Commerce.Such a stepexibits the UOL Gujrat Campus profound concernabout environment safetyspecially focussing on the availability of pure water and unpoluted air..EDOhealth Gujrat and dignitaries from business chaired the seminar and appreciatedthe role performed by UOL Gujrat Campus,DCO Gujrat accompanied thestudents and teachers during the walk.

Each One Teach One

“Each One Teach One”(EOTO) is an educational base serving program,an initiative taken by students and faculty of UOL Gujrat campus to serve humanity,to serve the poor children who work as a labor rather than getting education. For starting this project UOL Gujrat Campus motive was to uproot the child labor which is a biggest dilemma of our society. We are giving free education,Free books to all the willing children who have dream of getting education but they don't have sufficient resources.In pursuit of this noble cause, funds are arranged by joint effort of students and Faculty. Students manage funds through “Bake & Sale”,a program of homemade edible items where students put a stall in university on a  permitted day, to generate the income. Moreover,  generous donor also pay their contributions for this noble cause.

To educate children,UOL Gujrat campus has arranged a building of two rooms in a nearby village.Currently building is being renovated and furniture is being purchased. From 26th of June, furniture and other school accessories are shifted to the site. Teaching will be started from 1st of July, there.